Stem Cell Bra’s scientists have invented a bra that causes stem cells to home to women’s breasts to enlarge their size.

The Stem Cell Bra is lined with a conductive gelatin and is connected by a small wire to a special electrical stimulator, the size of a cell phone, which is worn on the women’s belt in a position behind her back out of view, just like TV anchors are wired for sound.

Stem Cell Bra’s designed mechanisms of action are multi-fold:

1.  The electrical signal causes cells in the breast tissue to release the SDF-1 protein which is a homing signal which causes stem cells coming from bone marrow, fat tissue and circulating blood to come to the breasts.

2.  Once a bolus of stem cells have been recruited the electrical signal changes to the proliferation mode and causes the recruited stem cells to multiply which further enhances breast volume.

3.  The third signal causes new blood vessels to grow to ensure the newly created breast tissue is well fed to maintain survival.

The stem cell bra patent application serial no. 61/749,642 APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR INCREASING BREAST SIZE filed January 7, 2013 with USPTO Inventor:  Howard J. Leonhardt, Santa Monica, California
This application is a coupled to previous already U.S. patented Leonhardt et al inventions utilizing electrical stimulation to recruit stem cells, proliferate them (including resident cells) and differentiate them into selected tissues.

Method of enhancing myogenesis by electrical stimulation – Bioheart …‎

Jan 27, 2009 – The method comprises the steps of applying electrical stimulation to an injury site in the myocardium. … Inventors: Leonhardt, Howard J. (Weston, FL, US)… This application is a continuation of U.S. patent application Ser. No.

Method of providing a dynamic cellular cardiac support – Patent …‎

May 17, 2004 – Method of providing a dynamic cellular cardiac support … Leonhardt; Howard J. (Weston, FL). Assignee: Bioheart … Foreign Patent Documents: …

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Warning:  Not available for sale: Investigational Use Only – Product is not yet proven safe or effective in clinical trials