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The Leonhardt stem cell electrical stimulation bra is designed to do the following – patent pending (application filed 1Q 2013)….

Note – Stem Cell Bra is based on dozens of years of pre-clinical data gathered for other organs by Leonhardt Venture’s sponsored researchers and others on SDF-1, electrical stimulation and stem cell therapies.  Howard Leonhardt, Stem Cell Bra Inventor and Founder has two related patents issued for electrical stimulation = US7483749 B2 + US7483749 B2 and numerous other related patents.

Stand alone product – bra with conductive gel electrode pads – connected by wire to stimulator and battery pack worn on belt hidden on person back under clothes (like when people are wired for microphones for TV).


1. Recruits stem cells (via homing signal protein release SDF-1+) from bone marrow, fat and circulating blood to breast tissue to augment breast size non-invasively.

2. Improves blood flow in breast tissue (increased VEGF protein expression).

Enlarging_breast_enhancer_breast_lifting_machine_hot.jpg_200x200A variation of the already patented Leonhardt electrical stimulator for recruiting stem cells to heart tissue now adapted for use with a special bra lined with condutive gelatin that recruits stem cells to breast tissue. The stem cells come from the woman’s own bone marrow, circulating blood and fat. The electrical stimulator is the size of a cell phone and is worn on the belt line. A two tiny wires connect with the bra up the womans back. The product is still in early stage development testing working in colloboration with clinicians at Cedars Sinai UCLA. The company is committed to careful pre-clinical and clinical evaulation of this technology with proper care and diligence. The electrical stimulation stimulates the over expression of stromal derived factor 1 protein, known to be a homing signal for stem cells. SDF-1 has been proven to improve blood flow and tissue reconstruction in numerous studies in various models and tissues over the past decade without serious side effects reported. However, this same SDF-1 protein has been found in higher levels in women with breast cancer. The study of this device is moving forward with appropriate care and high caution understanding potential risk factors and side effects

Warning:  Not available for sale: Investigational Use Only – Product is not yet proven safe or effective in clinical trials

The Stem Cell Bra – Early Stage Development Bra Designed To Attempt Help Breast Cancer Patients Recover Fullness

The Stem Cell Bra is the first ever bra UNDER EARLY STAGE DEVELOPMENT that is DESIGNED to attempt increase breast size without any invasive surgery! By using stem cells from a woman’s own fat tissue and bone marrow, the Stem Cell Bra may possibly be able to increase breast size by one cup over a period of 12 weeks use (still in early stage pre-clinical testing at time). INVESTIGATIONAL USE ONLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE.

StemCell Bra from Calx Stars Business Accelerator on Vimeo.


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