Stem Cell Electrical

Stimulation Bra

Recruits stem cells (via homing signal protein release SDF-1+) from bone marrow, fat and circulating blood to breast tissue to augment breast size non-invasively.


Early Stage Development Bra

The Stem Cell Bra

First ever Bra that causes Stem Cells to home to Women’s breasts to enlarge their size.

Investigational use only: Not available for sale currently. Only in Pre-Clinical Studies.

The Stem Cell Bra – Early Stage Development Bra Designed To Attempt Help Breast Cancer Patients Recover Fullness

The Stem Cell Bra is the first ever bra UNDER EARLY STAGE DEVELOPMENT that is DESIGNED to attempt increase breast size without any invasive surgery! By using stem cells from a woman’s own fat tissue and bone marrow, the Stem Cell Bra may possibly be able to increase breast size by one cup over a period of 12 weeks use (still in early stage pre-clinical testing at time). INVESTIGATIONAL USE ONLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE.

2nd Pilot Feasibility OUS Clinical Study Results

1 hour stimulation every other day for 4 weeks
Spain 2021
Summary: 1/3rd one cup size increase, 1/3rd 10% increase, 1/3rd no change (skinniest enrollees)

Safety data gathered to date as of Dec. 31, 2018
on 15 sheep and cows with excellent results.

“Safety data gathered to date as of Dec. 31, 2018 on 15 sheep and cows with excellent results. No fibrosis. No inflammation. Connective tissue quality improvement. Increase of glandular units. Increase of breast fullness volume ranging from 20 to 30% – true new breast tissue formation. No terratomas or any other malformations of tissue or blood vessels. Full histopathology exams completed. Multiple echo scans done on each animal. Tissue volume increase was confirmed to be sustainable 2 months after treatment sessions. Only 1 hour stimulation every other day for only 4 weeks. Only two simple bioelectric signaling sequences SDF1 and VEGF.” Dr. Jorge Genovese – M.D., Ph.D. University of Buenos Aires, Vice President of Bioelectric Regeneration Research, former Director of Cardiac Regeneration Lab University of Utah, former faculty member of McGowan Regenerative Medicine Institute Pittsburgh. Over 35 peer reviewed publications. Over 150 USPTO patent and patent pending claims on bioelectric regeneration methods and devices.

“In use in more than 15 sheep and cows in safety and efficacy pre-clinical studies to date what was remarkable is that the animals not only tolerated the bioelectric stimulation well but seemed to be relaxed and calmed down during the procedure, many even falling asleep during the stimulation period. All 15 animals treated showed no signs of discomfort. All histopathology and echo followups showed only healthy breast tissue growth with no adverse side effects observed.” Dr. Leslie Miller, Chief Medical Officer, Former Chairman of Cardiovascular Medicine University of Minnesota, 241 peer reviewed publications, experience with over 80 clinical trials, Co-Editor of a leading text book on regenerative medicine.

CAUTION Disclaimer and Warning: Only available in countries with clinical study has been approved by regulatory authorities. NOT AVAILABLE in the USA. Products described on this web site are in early stage development and are not yet proven safe or effective in statistically significant controlled clinical studies. Any statement or phrases implying efficacy or safety in any form are considered modified by “intended to” or “designed to”. Investigational use only in countries where investigation is permitted by law and proper filings have been made and appropriate regulatory clearances have been granted. Any use of the product(s) must be in an authorized clinical study with institutional review board (ethics committee) approval and proper patient consent procedures followed. For other countries product is only available for laboratory investigation by credentialed institutions and investigators with proper clearances with a research agreement in place with a study sponsor. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE.